Welcome to the club. We know you’ll enjoy it here...

Members at Clifton Hollow enjoy golfing at a quality course where they’re recognized and called by name, can appreciate others who appreciate golf, and more than anything are looking to have fun whether it’s on the course or in the clubhouse.

If you're considering a golf membership, whether it’s here or at any other course, know that we at Clifton Hollow value all our members. It is through our membership that we become a better course. Our mission each year is to provide a course that you can be proud to call your home. Contact us for more information.


2019 Gold Membership Rates

Download our Membership Form: pdf2019_membership_form.pdf

Full Membership (Weekdays & Weekends)
 Single $799.00
 Couple $1099.00
 - dependent (under 18y.o. when Full Couple is purchased) $99.00
Senior Membership (60+, Mon-Fri, No Holidays)
 Single $649.00
 Couple  $849.00
Weekday Membership (Mon-Fri, No Holidays)
 Single  $699.00
 Couple $899.00
Cart Pass Memberships
 Single (w/ purchase of Full Membership) $599.00
 Couple (w/ purchase of Full Membership) $899.00
 Single (w/ purchase of Senior or Weekday Membership)  $499.00
 Couple (w/purchase of Senior or Weekday Membership) $699.00


Corporate Memberships available upon request. All rates listed above do not include 5.5% WI Sales Tax.


Anniversary Membership Agreement pdfAnniversary_Membership_Agreement

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